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Hangzhou Chuangzhong Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in intelligent touch inquiry terminal, self-service terminal, commercial high-definition LCD display and multimedia publishing system research and development, production, sales of high-tech enterprise solutions and technical services in one. Over the years committed to the advanced information technology through the best integration program, to provide users with the most practical products and best service.

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  • Three in one card reader

    Three in one card reader

  • Central control KR201 access re

    Central control KR201 access re

  • Self-service payment machine

    Self-service payment machine

  • Self-service teller machine

    Self-service teller machine

  • Self-service terminal

    Self-service terminal

  • UnionPay self-service ticket ve

    UnionPay self-service ticket ve

  • Medical self-help registration

    Medical self-help registration

  • Online banking self-service ter

    Online banking self-service ter

  • Registration and registration m

    Registration and registration m

  • Self service queuing machine

    Self service queuing machine

  • 55 inch LCD splicing unit

    55 inch LCD splicing unit

  • 55 inch LED LCD splicing unit

    55 inch LED LCD splicing unit

  • 47 inch LCD splicing unit

    47 inch LCD splicing unit

  • 46 inch LCD splicing unit

    46 inch LCD splicing unit

  • 46 inch LED LCD splicing unit

    46 inch LED LCD splicing unit

  • 42 inch LCD splicing unit

    42 inch LCD splicing unit


Company development and production of products and solutions,

has been widely used in medical, financial, government, schools, new digital media industry,

and threw them on the sustainable and rapid development of the company with development and design ability of

continuous innovation, has become the industry leader.


  • 01.15

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    Introduction to the composition of the large screen splicing system

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    Building Apple wall hanging Advertising machine Player Application Sce

    In recent years, the convenience brought by the Internet has dramatically changed peoples lifestyles. People are not strange about information advertisements on the Internet, which has led to a high degree of segmentation of advertising information. If bu...

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    Too many types of advertising machines? How to choose?

    With the advancement of society, the development of smart cities, the continuous updating of advertising machine technology, the diversity of advertising machine styles is also increasing, meeting the needs of different places in the market....

  • 10.23

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    Multimedia network advertising machine application in various industri

    With the development of the network era, mobile network services are also maturing, and advertising machines have also evolved from stand-alone LCD advertising machines to network advertising machines. To some extent, the online version of LCD advertising...

  • 09.29

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    Application Scene of Building Wall-mounted Advertising Machine

    In recent years, the convenience brought by the Internet has changed peoples way of life dramatically. People are not surprised by the information advertisement on the network, which leads to the highly subdivided advertising information. If businesses an...

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    The difference between wall hanging advertising machine and traditiona

    The wall hanging advertising machine is a brand-new media concept, referring to the public places where large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and others flow together. Multimedia services for publishing commercial, financ...

  • 04.30

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    Intelligent Advertising Machines Share New Opportunities for Economic

    Advertising propaganda is indispensable for shaping enterprise image, enhancing product popularity and promoting product marketing....

  • 03.31

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    What industries are advertising machines mainly used in?

    With the rapid development of digital signage industry. The status of digital advertising is constantly highlighted, especially as a mirror advertising machine of new media. With its rapid growth, digital advertising has become a beautiful landscape of ad...

  • 02.23

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    Why is advertising machine loved by businessmen

    Advertising machine is one of the most popular advertisements at present. It can be spread outdoors and indoors. It can also be used in large public places such as subway, bus station, supermarkets and shopping malls in densely crowded consumer groups. So...

  • 01.28

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    Main Channels for Advertising Machines

    Advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment which uses standard LCD and LCD TV to realize information display and video advertisement broadcasting through networking and multimedia system control. Advertising machines mainly realize b...

  • 12.30

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    What environments does touch advertising apply to?

    At this stage, the use of LCD advertising machine is becoming more and more frequent, whether in residential areas, universities, stations, shopping malls and other places can see its shadow. But some of the LCD advertising machines used in these places h...

  • 11.30

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    Under what circumstances should the outdoor advertising machine choose

    Nowadays, many residential areas or colleges have begun to use outdoor advertising machines as reading boards, some with touch function, some without, then, under what circumstances should outdoor advertising machines choose touch function? In what circum...


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